I am very excited to announce that my ten-minute play AFTER THE BALL DROP has been licensed for publication by Playscripts, Inc.!

It will be published as part of an anthology of short plays.

AFTER THE BALL DROP is a comedic piece for 3 high school/college-aged actors.

Here's a synopsis:

It's New Year's Eve 1999. Popular girl Jess and geek Melvin get locked together in a pantry. Will either teen get out in time to get their dream new year's kiss? Fresh starts, new friendships, even a surprise kiss--anything's possible once the ball drops!

Visit Playscripts, Inc. to learn more details

This January, I was the dramaturg for a week-long exploratory, developmental workshop led by director Kim Weild at New Georges' The Room.

The workshop brought together members of the deaf and hearing communities to explore deafhood and larger questions surrounding the need to communicate, how we hear, our connection to the world around us, how vocabulary/grammar work in theatre (and life), and more. It was an illuminating, challenging week of discussion, questioning, and even improv.

The piece is currently in its nascent stages. Stay tuned for updates on how it continues to develop down the road!